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THE CROW SHOW: An Homage To The Raven

Throughout the world, crows and ravens have taken on a special significance due to their dark presence in the skies and their surprising interaction in our communities.

In folklore, they appear frequently as both the hero and the villain. They arrive as tricksters, disguised sorcerers and experienced travelers. For some, the raven is associated with death, war and evil. For others, the crow appears with great wisdom, fertility and good news. The stories are as complex and surprising as the birds themselves.

Look out your window and you may spy these birds living among you. Crows and ravens are members of the Corvidea family, along with magpies and blue jays. They are found all over the globe with the only exception of Antarctica. The are considered to be extremely intelligent, social creatures.

In the art world, these magnificent birds appear with meaning and symbolism. The artist’s creative fascination makes them the perfect subject for an in-depth exploration of art being created by today’s artist. The Crow Show: An Homage To The Raven showcases the works of diverse, international artists as they question the meaning of Crows and Ravens in today’s world.

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