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Not all artists feel comfortable with handling the marketing necessary to be competitive in today's technological world. Incubator lab time may be used as DIY time to get set up or fine tune current efforts. Additionally, The Studio Door offers the following services for artists who are not interested in learning how to do it themselves.

For more information, contact Patric Stillman at The Studio Door.

PHOTOGRAPHY (Optional +$450)
If you want to hire me to photograph your artwork, I can do that too. I will shoot the images, clean them up and create large & web-versions for you. I limit that to a one-time photo session of no more than 30 images.

VIDEO ($250 per produced minute)
Length of final video is pre-determined. Specializing in 2 minute artist briefs (introduction, process, artwork focus) and 5 minute grant videos (over view of artist mission and accomplishments). Recording time: ~1.5 hours See samples on our YouTube page.

TRAINING (Optional +$125/ Hour)
Once the website is up and running, you can either hire me occasionally to make updates or do it your self. For the training, I can meet with you for an hour to go over the inner workings of WordPress and then you'll have a month to see if you can make the updates & changes yourself. If you have problems during that time, I can support your efforts via the phone or e-mail. I suggest that you consider purchasing WordPress for Dummies. It cheap and a great resource for artists who want to explore WordPress as a DIY Project.

* Artist participating in programming at The Studio Door may be eligible for reduced pricing.

Note: Pricing may change without notice. Negotiated packaged services arrangements are available.


We would like you to think creatively how you could benefit by partnering with The Studio Door this year. Expanded possibilities exist at The Studio Door. Consider hiring us to help you with your next career move.

• Gallery Events
• Gallery Exhibitions
• Creativity Retreats
• Creative Incubator Lab
• Professional Development
• Customized Opportunities

Check out our educational resources for ideas of how we work with universities and colleges. There is no reason why some of these ideas wouldn't work for you as an individual artist or for your art association. Click here to be read Educational Resources and contact The Studio Door to discuss.