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A Celebration of Black Birds

Exhibition Dates: February 5 - 28, 2016
Opening Reception: February 6, 6 - 9 PM
Closing Reception with The Handsome Strangers: February 27, 6 - 9 PM

The Crow Show returns to mark the first anniversary for the North Park art gallery and studios. The visual arts exhibition showcases 50 diverse artworks from around the continent including works from Greater San Diego. The uniquely themed exhibition of visual art has been curated by Michelle Deziel, Independent Curator and Art Consultant [Former Curator with Norton Simon Museum of Art, Pasadena]. The festivities kick off with an opening reception on Saturday, March 6 and a special night of music in the gallery with San Diego quartet HM3 with DJ Teelyn on Wednesday, February 17.

Best in Show: Photographer Michele McCain (Encinitas, CA), Painter Tina Dille (Tehachapi, CA) and Mixed-Media artist Janice Meister (Crete, IL).

Throughout the world, crows and ravens have taken on a special significance due to their dark presence in the skies and their surprising interaction in our communities.

In folklore, they appear frequently as both the hero and the villain. They arrive as tricksters, disguised sorcerers and experienced travelers. For some, the raven is associated with death, war and evil. For others, the crow appears with great wisdom, fertility and good news. The stories are as complex and surprising as the birds themselves.

Look out your window and you may spy these birds living among you. Crows and ravens are members of the Corvidea family, along with magpies and blue jays. They are found all over the globe with the only exception of Antarctica. The are considered to be extremely intelligent, social creatures.

In the art world, these magnificent birds appear with meaning and symbolism. The artist’s creative fascination makes them the perfect subject for an in-depth exploration of art being created by today’s artist. Visit The Crow Show '16 to see how artists question the meaning of Crows and Ravens in today’s world.


The Studio Door celebrates one year of exhibits, classes and cultural events

The North Park arts gallery and studios, The Studio Door celebrates its one-year anniversary in February with the return of last year’s popular exhibition The Crow Show and new workshops for artists. The festivities kick off February 6 with an artists reception.

The visual arts exhibition will showcase diverse artworks from around the country as well as from Greater San Diego. The exhibition is being juried by Michelle Deziel, an Independent Curator and Art Consultant who was formerly Curator with Norton Simon Museum of Art in Pasadena.

The exhibition dates are February 5 - 28, 2016 at The Studio Door (3750 30th Street, North Park - San Diego). The opening reception will be held on Saturday, February 6 from 6 PM - 9 PM.

Also during the month, The Studio Door will host a night of Jazz in the gallery, a twist on the popular wine & paint nights, creativity workshops and more. A complete schedule can be found online at www.thestudiodoor.com.

In spite of being a new player on the arts scene, The Studio Door has been able to achieve significant accomplishments over the course of a year, including:

More than 250 diverse emerging and professional artists have exhibited in the gallery
The national publication for the exhibition 50 To Watch was distributed to over 2,000 galleries
Open Studios San Diego launched with artists working in all corners of the county
Jurors for national shows have included leading art professionals Jenna S. Jacobs (Curatorial Manager, Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego) and Christine Knoke (Director of Exhibitions and Chief Curator / Mingei International Museum: Balboa Park, San Diego)
Partnerships were formed with local, regional and national arts entities including ArtScene, Arts for Veterans, and North Park Festival of the Arts

After initially popping up in other locations, The Studio Door settled into its facility on 30th and Gunn Streets one year ago.

“The first few months were a bit like a nail-biting thriller as we attempted to keep to our exhibition and programming calendar intact while vigorously reinventing the storefront offices into a functioning arts center,” said owner Patric Stillman. “I’ve read that many start-ups learn that they can accomplish more than they could image during the first year and this has certainly been true for The Studio Door. I’ve been blessed by an active creative community and the loving support of my family to keep my eyes on the prize. I can’t imagine having sustained the energy to establish this business without all of the encouragement. It’s a thrill to be trumpeting the first anniversary because it’s a shared victory.”

In addition to the success of the business, Stillman was able to significantly add to his own CV, as well. His artwork was seen in an exhibition at the Louvre Museum, featured in a group show during SCOPE Miami Beach, and he was commissioned by Got Milk? to paint a life-size cow for charity.

“One success builds upon another. Naturally, I’m proud of what I have been able to personally accomplish but I find even greater satisfaction in seeing the artistic and professional growth of the artist engaged her. Besides the community artists engaged in classes and our art-to-market incubator, we have ten studio artists working on site. The synergy is electric. Individually, there has been a great deal of creative exploration leading to new opportunities in art sales, exhibitions and partnerships for each of the artists. And collectively, we just learned that we have been selected a group to exhibit the City of Encinitas later this year.”

Stillman is excited about what 2016 will bring for the artists participating at the Studio Door and their patrons. The Studio Door will move into the new year with its continued focus as an arts incubator dedicated to the creative marketplace and the promotion of contemporary artists. The core of their activities will continue to be to assist artists with the business side of selling art as well as creating opportunities to bring greater attention to San Diego’s visual artists.

For more information on The Studio Door, its program and services, please visit www.thestudiodoor.com and sign up for the monthly newsletter at http://eepurl.com/0q59H.