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The Studio Door, San Diego LGBT Pride and Art of Pride is proud to present the art of Ramona Szczerba.

GALACTIC PLEASURES Exhibition: September 2 - 25, 2016

Opening Reception: September 3, 2016 • 6 PM - 9 PM
Featured Artist Reception with Ramona: September 10, 2016 • 6 PM - 9 PM

My collage art centers around creating what I call curious vintage fictions: detail dense images of things that never happened to people who never were in places that do not exist but perhaps should have. I favor legendary women, dark fairies, arcane subject matter and unlikely inventors. Oftentimes, fiction vignettes come to me as I am working, usually beginning with the subject’s name and evolving from there. Sometimes the story influences the artwork and takes it in its own direction. Recent work has been exploring the concept of home and its relationship to the environment and as well as interplays of inside/outside.

I create collages using vintage images and other elements that I arrange on hand painted canvases, watercolor paper or in assemblage or shadowbox arrangements. First I arrange carefully hand cut images to arrive at the best composition and narrative. Sometimes the images are stained or painted. When I’ve decided on a size, I prepare a background, either painting and staining stretched canvas or using watercolors and ink on watercolor blocks, and work with tissues, handmade papers, fibers and natural items to add texture, depth and interest. Then I glue the images down with archival glue and add further embellishments such as brass charms, watch gears, ribbon, fibers, crystals, feathers, shells and more. With canvases, the back is finished with coordinating paper, fitted with hanging hardware and signed. Works on watercolor paper are matted and signed.

Visit the artists websites:
Winona Cookie Illustration
Red Bubble