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Watch Mr. Maxx Moses time-lapse from his recent mural making class at The Studio Door

Saturday, March 26 w/Maxx Moses
Noon - 2 PM

• $30 Individuals / $50 Couple
* Special offer for participants: $15 Say Word by Maxx Moses


Exercising The Unknown is a creative workshop for breaking down barriers. Yes, it’s easy for us to blame politicians who instill fear by building walls, imposing travel bans and sanctions. But what about the walls we’ve created within our own minds? The walls we cannot see? Have you somehow managed to limit your expansive thoughts, creative power and imagination?

Maxx Moses, the Author of Say Word, playfully uses pencils paper and crayons as the tools to unlock the creative freedom we so yearn for. Exercising The Unknown, is a fast paced process with various drawing and coloring projects that offer little or no time to think, just create. While Collaborative conversations amplify the group dynamic fascinating questions deepen and enrich process. However, I must Warn you that throughout this workshop you will not learn anything, and that’s exactly what we intend! Our method is unlearning and our goal is that you leave this workshop with as blank canvass, yes you. no experience is required ages 13 and up are welcome as we encourage the blending of the young and the old within our workshops.

For more information on Mr. Maxx Moses, visit the artists website at http://posetwo.com