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Community Partnership

In today's complex art industry, its important for art students and emerging artists to understand where they want to go with their art and how to navigate the opportunities to achieve success. The Studio Door is a great partner for educational institutions to shed light on creative commerce and gallery exhibitions. Partnerships are customized with Patric Stillman, owner of The Studio Door, so that the execution is a success for all involved.

Potential no-cost programs, include:

• Gallery Tours
• Studio Tours
• Speaking Engagements
• Student Gallery Internships
• Faculty or Advanced Students to act as Exhibition Juror(s)

For a fee, The Studio Door is also available for expanded programs, such as:

• Gallery Events
• Gallery Exhibitions
• Student and Faculty Retreats
• Art Incubator Workshop

For more details, e-mail Patric Stillman.

Please note, The Studio Door is an S-Corp and not a non-profit.  We lead by example encouraging artists to engage in creative commerce.

The Business of Art Scholarship

For complete details on this exceptional opportunity brought to San Diego by Mission Federal San Diego, San Diego Visual Arts Network and The Studio Door, click here.