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“Patric Stillman’s BROTHERHOOD TAROT filled a specific niche in the Tarot world when it came out, and expanded the available choice of decks for those reading for clients that were either gay, or connected strongly with the gay world.”

– Bonnie Cehovet, Author from her Aeclectic Tarot review

BROTHERHOOD TAROT was a rebirth for my creative spirit.  In 2004, I set out to redefine the Tarot to create a deck that spoke to gay men in a way that traditional decks did not.  In the gallery exhibition, I take a look at the walkabout that inspired the idea, the connections that were made as I roamed California creating the work and the eventual global adventure the art took on its own.

PERSON PLACE OR THING brings me full circle as I continue to explore gay male identity though my art.

– Patric Stillman