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Founder, Director

Minnesota native, Patric Stillman is a visual artist, entrepreneur and community activist.  He is as comfortable with a paintbrush as he is with a camera or a computer. Patric has carved out a unique art-to-market perspective having devoted more than 30 years to marketing, new technologies and business operations. His art has been exhibited at Musée du Louvre (Paris), SCOPE Miami Beach and throughout Southern California.  His work is in personal collections across the globe. Named Mentor of the Year by Professional Artist Magazine (April/May 2016 issue) and honored with a coveted Artie Award from Mission Federal ArtWalk for his service to community artists in San Diego (2018). He was also honored with a commendation by the Mayor of San Diego for his years of community service to San Diego (2018).

Looking for work?  We are not currently hiring but we encourage you to stay tuned as positions do open. Meanwhile, visit our friends at Art Career Cafe!


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