Rory Baker

David Jester

JP Schuiteman

In 2017, The Studio Door and Escondido Arts Partnership worked with Visual AIDS (New York) on San Diego versions of Postcards From the Edge and Day With(Out) Art. The program was headed up by Patric Stillman and Patrick Brown, who are both Visual AIDS Artist + Registry member artists.

San Diego’s Postcards From the Edge benefit postcards were created by local artists and public supporters. One set of postcards was sent off to New York to participate in the benefit for Visual AIDS annual fundraiser. Another set was sold locally to raise funds for Visual AIDS, Day With(out) Art local screening and this materials grant.

A portion of the funds raised locally have been earmarked for local artists living with HIV who are in need of financial assistance in obtaining materials to create their artwork.

2018 Grant Recipients

Rory Baker

Influenced by the play of light and dark in works by the classical painters, Rory
illuminates his subject matter with a soulful energy. With this materials grant, he is beginning a series of artworks that reflect his personal journey.

David Jester

David’s current series of underwater interactions and portraits reflect how we present ourselves and how we treat others in the pool of life. With this materials grant, he plans to purchase materials that he has not worked with before including wood panels.

JP Schuiteman

With an intention to provoke, JP’s current focus is on figurative work with a taste of irony. The material grant will allow him to embark on a new series that is whimsical and personal.

Application Process

The materials grant is currently completed for 2018.

To be eligible you must:

1. Be a current Visual AIDS Artist+ registry with an active file, including images of artwork.
2. Have not received a materials grant from Visual AIDS, Escondido Arts Partnership or The Studio Door in the past 12 months.
3. Agree to report on the use of the grant, submit receipts, and show documentation of works created.

Grants are issued as gift cards to selected art supply vendors up to $150.

Priority in Artists+ Material Grants will be given to those who have not received one before. The number of grants issued is subject to available funds. Grantees must use the award within 6 months. Receipts of purchase must be returned to The Studio Door, along with a Grant Report Form. Members are not eligible for another Artists+ Material Grant if receipts from past grants are not returned or if the artist has not shown proof of work created with grant materials. Any misuse of grant monies is cause for ineligibility.

If selected, Artists agrees to grant The Studio Door and its partners permission to announce their name and link to their online presence in association with this program. Additionally, The Studio Door reserves the right to use grants documentation of art images for marketing and publicity without compensation.

STEP ONE: Register with VISUAL AIDS Artist+ Registry

STEP TWO: Send The Studio Door a request to with the following information:

• Name
• Address
• Phone
• Email

• Website URL, if applicable
• Facebook URL, if applicable
• Twitter URL, if applicable
• Instagram URL, if applicable

• Have you received a materials grant from Visual AIDS, Escondido Arts Partnership or The Studio Door before?
• If Yes, when and has that work documented?

• How will you use this grant?

• What is your average monthly income?

• What are you monthly expenses (rent, utilities, etc)?

• Income information will remain confidential.