North Park Main Street and Ace Parking are seeking qualified artists to apply for a competitive request for qualifications to replace existing artwork on North Park Parking Garage  [3829 29th Street] with up to 15 new works of art by one to four artists.  It is intended that the artwork will not be permanent but remain on the facade of the building for several years.

The parking garage sits in the heart of the North Park community. The six story garage can be seen for several blocks and includes retail space along the street level.


Step One:  Interested Artists submit their qualifications and examples of body of work for committee review.  North Park Main Street’s Design Committee will act as a selection panel and guide the project during the selection process.

Step Two:  Up to six artists will be selected to develop conceptual designs specific to the site and present to the committee in a 15 minute presentation and interview.  Presentations may be in person or Skyped.  Artists will receive a stipend for conceptual design development.

Step Three: One to four artists will be selected for the final project.  Committee may ask artists to collaborate or revise their concepts to create a cohesive look for the final project that also fits the culture of the community.  Committee will decide upon final selection. Artist/artists may be selected for one to fifteen panels and enter into a contract with North Park Main Street.

All artists who submit their materials for review will receive written notification of the results of the selection process, including identification of the selected artist/artists once the pool has been approved.

Artists who have submitted to the initial phase of this application process will be notified by May 8, 2018. All artists who have submitted will be notified by email. You will receive notification even if your are not invited to continue in the process. If you do not receive notice by May 9, 2017, please check your email spam folder and contact the North Park Main Street.


Artists will be commissioned based on the following criteria – The creative use of space; How well the images complement the style of the building and the physical space; How effectively the work symbolizes or reflects the history, character or essence of the neighborhood or the community at large, professional ability and quality of artwork.

Proposals are welcomed by professionals and students.  There are no geographical restrictions.


$20,000 is budgeted for the creative components of this project.

Up to six artists will be selected for design development presentations; each selected artist will receive $500 for their efforts to creative a site specific concept.  Funds will be issued after completed presentations are made.

The balance of funds will be utilized by the final participating artists for the design, production, delivery, travel expenses and other costs related to execution of final artwork for the project.

Original artwork will be reproduced by North Park Main Street’s partner ACE Parking.  ACE Parking has a separate budget to fund the engineering, printing, transport, installation, site preparation, lighting, insurance and other costs for getting the artwork displayed on the parking garage.


03/ 30/ 18 Call for Artists
04/ 24/ 18 Midnight Application Deadline [Receipt; Not Postmarked]
05/ 08/ 18 Artist Notification for Interview Selection
05/ 15/ 18 Skype Interview
06/ 12/ 18 Design Development Presentation with Committee
06/ 26/ 18 Final Artist(s) Selection
Fall 2018  Installation and Public Event


Written materials should be submitted as a single PDF and emailed along with artwork to or mailed / hand delivered to:

North Park Main Street
3939 Iowa St Suite 2
San Diego, CA 92104

•  Contact Information – Include address, phone and e-mail.

•  Web Presence – Include website and social media URLs.

•  Artist Statement – Provide a brief concept proposal and letter of interest for the North Park Garage Art Project

•  Resume – Please provide a brief professional resume emphasizing art experience, public collections and public art commissions. Limit to 2 pages.

•  Professional References – Provide 3 professional references.

• Images of Current Artwork – Provide 8-10 examples of your artwork electronically.  Include a list that provides image, title, type of media, dimensions and year of completion.  Do not mail or drop off original artwork.

Images submitted should be in PNG, TIF or JPG format; 1400 pixels x 1400 pixels minimum;  3000 pixels x 3000 pixels maximum;  72 dpi.  File title should be “Artist First Initial_Artist Surname_Artwork Title,” for example, J_Doe_Cityscape.jpg


Painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, collage, mixed media, fiber art and other forms of 2-D works of art.  Submissions must be the artist’s original work.

Final artwork must be able to be reproduced digitally as vector art.  Artists selected for the design development phase will be given specifications for final artwork, including file type, bleed information, vector scale and other pertinent details.


Jurors will be arts professionals, representatives of North Park Main Street and representatives of ACE Parking.


Artist will retain original artwork and copyright.

By submitting to this request, artists grant North Park Main Street, ACE Parking or its partners the right to use images for marketing and publicity without compensation.


North Park Main Street reserves the right to reject any and all proposals; to cancel or alter the selection process; to initiate an alternate Selection Process; or to reissue the RFQ for additional pre-qualified artist candidates.

Additionally, North Park Main Street reserves the right to remove, reinstall, store, move, or dispose of the artwork panels at any time.


North Park Main Street has a mission to promote development that supports arts, culture, and entertainment, while preserving the historical integrity of North Park. To create a pedestrian-friendly destination for shopping, dining, and entertainment that supports our local businesses.

North Park Main Street’s Board of Directors and Committees, working with NPMS staff and the City of San Diego and other key partners, have been a driving force for major improvements and signature events within the North Park community, and in particular within the University Avenue/ 30th Street downtown commercial core.


Upon submission of application, Artist acknowledges and agrees that his or her submission of an entry or entries to North Park Main Street shall be deemed agreement by the Artist to the terms and conditions for the North Park Garage Art Project.

By participating in this project, artist agrees to voluntarily waive all rights to attribution and integrity with respect to the work and any and all claims as may arise under the Visual Artists Rights [VARA, the California Art Preservation Act].

North Park Main Street shall endeavor to ensure the safekeeping of all entries. For good and valuable consideration, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged by the Artist, the Artist hereby releases North Park Main Street, and shall defend, protect, indemnify, and hold harmless The Studio Door, their respective members, employees, agents, and authorized representatives from and against any claims, demands, losses, damages, expenses, injuries, liabilities, and cause of action arising from or in connection with public display of his or her artwork. The Artist expressly waives any claims or cause of action that he or she has or may have in the future against North Park Main Street, and their respective successors or assigns arising from or in connection with exhibition of artwork.


• North Park Main Street reserves the right to refuse work that significantly differs from the image submitted by the artist or which is deemed inappropriate for display.

•North Park Main Street reserves the right to create or use digital images of all submitted artwork and to use those images for North Park Main Street exhibition publicity and for archival and historical purposes.

•North Park Main Street reserves the right to opt artists in to use e-mail addresses for correspondence related to North Park Main Street activities and artist opportunities, unless informed by the artist to opt out.

By submitting to this call for submission, the Artist hereby agrees to the above waiver and release and shall comply with all terms and conditions of the North Park Garage Art Project process and exhibition.


Any questions shall be directed to Angela Landsberg by email at or by telephone at (619) 294 – 2501.

This posting by The Studio Door is a courtesy for North Park Main Street. Patric Stillman, owner of The Studio Door, is a current member of the North Park Main Street design committee.