GLAZE: Conversations in Clay and Print

Collaborative Exhibition created by Pierre Bounaud and Kathleen Kane-Murrell


Exhibition Dates:                July 6 – 29, 2018

Reception:                             July 7, 6-9 PM

Artist Happy Hour:             July 20, 2018 6 – 7 PM

Clay Artists of San Diego:  July 22, 2018 1 – 4 PM

Coffee and Croissants:       July 28, 2018  10 – 11 AM


A ceramic artist and a painter merge their artistic visions into a collaborative exhibit

Ceramic artist Pierre Bounaud and painter Kathleen Kane-Murrell announce today an exhibition of their work at the Studio Door Gallery, July 6-29, 2018. Bounaud and Kane-Murrell met in 2017 and immediately responded to each other’s work.

“Kathleen invited me to her 2017 solo show at Martha Pace Swift Gallery in Liberty Station. I immediately thought, we should do a show together. I approached her and was elated she agreed. The show has been a year in the making.”

“When I first saw his work, I had to own one of Pierre’s black and white series, but everything had already sold. At his next show, I made sure I was one of the first red dots on his work. My initial attraction was the minimalist design of his ceramic shapes. Pierre’s surfaces, however, took my breath away.”

Pierre, a trained chemist, has turned his scientific skills into works of art with luscious glazes and intriguing surfaces. “A glaze is typically a vitreous substance used as a surface treatment to embellish a ceramic surface. The act of glaze creation is often viewed as capricious and alchemical in nature. For me it is a beautiful journey into a microscopic world of atoms with its own set of rules. This show, Glaze, is a glimpse into this journey of discovery and what happens when we change the rules.”

Kathleen, a long-time educator and artist in San Diego often responds to famous artists’ work when designing lessons for her award-winning program, Fine Artists. “For Glaze, the work is about the surface, built up layers of paint, glaze, even detritus. My work for this show responds directly to his. I am experimenting with glazes somewhat as a ceramist, knowing the outcome can often be unpredictable.”

Studio Door, a gallery known for support, collaboration and spectacular local shows was approached and chosen for their “dual solo”. Owner Patric Stillman recently announced The Studio Door will be relocating (TBD) after August 2018 and is delighted to feature this unique show as one of his last in this location. The exhibit was made possible with the financial support from the Seth Prague Educational and Charitable Foundation and Clay Artists of San Diego.

Glaze opening reception is Saturday, July 7, 6-9 PM. The artists are offering two talks to discuss their process. Join them for wine on July 20, 6-7 PM and for coffee and croissants on July 28, 10-11 AM.

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