“Every Human is an Artist… the challenge is to be free”
w/Mr. Maxx Moses
Saturday, July 28
1:00 – 3:00 PM
2 hour interactive workshop. no prior art experience is needed for ages 13 and up.
This workshop is centered around Identity, self-discovery and self-expression. Maxx Moses methodology derives from the dangerous yet exhilarating experience of being a New York City Graffiti Artist. The applications are revolutionary and are designed to revive individuality and awaken intuition.
There is a magic that happens when the mind, the heart and the hands are at work expressing. The creative process is a natural healer and Maxx Moses declares that “every human is an Artist, but it’s a challenge to be free”. Allow this born teacher to be the locksmith to your creative freedom. His stories and unorthodox applications are an experience that will change the colors of your life, forever.