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I was only thirteen when I bought my first Tarot deck but even back then, I dreamed of being able to illustrate one of my own. I’m now fifty-one years of age and I’ve illustrated five published Tarot and Oracle decks. My sixth will appear in print next year and in effect, Tarot has become the keystone of my career.

Tarot, Lenormand and decks like the Loteria cards, which can be adapted for divinations provide endless creative possibilities for an artist. The symbolic riches in these systems allow you to explore a variety of imaginative landscapes and more importantly, what it means to be alive and human.

That’s precisely what this exhibit is about. A group of deeply talented artists comes together in this exhibition space, presenting their vision of the world, as they see it in the cards. Their work represents much that is beautiful but also much that is wise.

Being invited to this exhibition as Selection Juror by the Studio Door hasn’t just been a great honour. It’s also been a fascinating and enriching journey. I’d like to thank Patric Stillman and the Gallery, but I’d also like to thank all the contributing artists for their wisdom and vision. I’ll never stop learning about these cards that we all share a love for. That said, your collected works have speeded me further on my journey.

Chris Butler. July 2018.

Chris Butler is a multiply published author and illustrator whose works include The Son Tarot: Mysticism, Meditation and Divination for Gay Men (Schiffer Books. 2012), and the Healing Light Tarot (Lo Scarabeo. 2017). He is also the illustrator for Kay Stopforth’s bestselling Quantum Tarot 2.0 (Lo Scarabeo. 2010). He lives in Liverpool. U.K.


20″ x 16″ New Media/ Digital Art
by Christopher Butler

Thank you to our juror for creating an original work for the exhibition.