With the start of a committed group of patrons, like yourself, we understand that you see the value in what we do.  Your encouragement is inspirational.  Artists + Galleries + Patrons make a strong trifecta.  When one of us rises, we all rise. Together, we can be an unforgettable force in the arts.

Your support is an act of good citizenship. Your monthly assistance helps The Studio Door continue to innovate and support San Diego’s creative community. It offsets the rising costs of doing business in San Diego where gentrification continues to eat away at our beloved arts scene. The creative spectrum needs your support. The Studio Door is asking for your support.

With your membership, you will play an integral role is helping us to continue to vary our programming so that we can educate and support working artists, including those that don’t always have the opportunity to participate in a professional gallery setting. In the first five years, we have had the honor to work with 1,850 artists. We held 47 gallery exhibitions as well as partnered in another 45 community events. This year, we promise to continue to maintain the quality of our arts and events for you to enjoy.  Your support sends a message that you believe in the benefits that are created by the work we do in collaboration with visual artists. It reminds us that creativity matters.