Artist Almanac Collaboration Series

The Studio Door continues its collaborative spirit by bringing together some of San Diego art authorities to speak and teach at the gallery twice a year.  Local art authorities from different fields will share their knowledge with artists and patrons while some of the regions best art instructors will offer specialty workshops to highlight the classes that they offer in other parts of the region.  This is a fantastic opportunity to get in on a variety of creative courses, professional development talks and social gatherings that bring together like minded creatives.  

Artist Almanac will return in Spring of 2020.


Creative Commerce Professional Development

Essential administrative skills for artists are a necessity in the twenty-first century.  The Studio Door is here to help you fine tune your grant applications, get a handle on marketing, understand how to sell your artwork and establish a realistic action plan.


Create Your Own Workshop

If you have three or more artists who want to take a particular class, contact The Studio Door and Patric will help set up a session for your group.  The Studio Door specializes in creating unique sessions that range from a one-hour powerpoint discussion to a two-day hands-on workshop.

In 2019, we lead two two-day workshops for FIG – Feminist Image Group to help determine what the members want out of the group as they move into a second decade of engagement; reviewed and made recommendations for their online presence; and offered a tutorial on effective social media use. 

Topics include:

• How To Have A Successful Art Fair Booth
• Create a Two Minute Artist Video
• The Artist Portfolio
• Writing a Press Release – For the Artist
• The Art to Market Road Map – Creating a 12 Month Action Plan *
• Becoming A ‘Gallery Ready’ Artist
• The Basics of having Prints made from your Artwork
• Creating a Social Media Plan – For the Artist *

* Most popular sessions


Personalized Mentoring

Sometimes we need an outside viewpoint to get clarity. If you are looking to make sense of the arts industry and needing some specialized assistance, then perhaps you need a few one-on-one sessions with Patric Stillman.  He can advise you on the issues you’ll face when working on new challenges to take your art career to the next level.   By specifically focusing on your individual needs, he will help you determine clear actionable steps while allowing you to remain accountable for taking action.

Patric has worked with dozens of artists over the past few years.  In 2019, he assisted a professional artist who wanted to create an effective 5 year plan to keep her focused on obtaining her creative and social goals with her art.

Contact to discuss what assistance you need.


Art, Art-to-Market and Creative Commerce Instruction

We are always looking for new ideas for class, lecture and workshop offerings for adults. Do you have an idea for instruction that is not being offered in San Diego that will encourage artists to grow their skills? Programing at The Studio Door centers on creative workshops that assist artists to develop their body of work. We also specialize in marketing classes and creative commerce to help get working artists into the arts marketplace. If you are an arts teacher or lecturer, we’d like to hear more about your work to consider new programming.